“Ajani” is a name derived from the Swahili words “Majani” (meaning leaves) and “Kijani” (meaning green). We embody wellbeing through illuminating the richness of nature, the wealth of the African continent and lie at the intersection of natural self-care and style. Our product range consists of oil and water-based products that utilize pure African ingredients and exercise the utmost research and expertise in our production processes. We offer a selected range of hair and body products for both men and women, specially curated to offer a luxurious and deeply nourishing experience with each use.



We curate natural hair and body products using raw and pure African ingredients. Using only the freshest ingredients, and delicate processes, Ajani promotes intentional and luxury living by focusing our attention on providing the utmost quality nourishment for hair and body care. We curate our products to provide outward nourishment to the body, and an inward sense of calm for the mood. We carefully select natural ingredients and use delicate processes, to create recipes that refresh, revive and rejuvenate.



We’re inspired by the lighter side of life; delicate scents, fresh fruit, soft skin, bouncy curls, texture, water droplets, silky oils, sunny mornings and bubbly lemonade (just to name a few.)