Setting and committing to New Year’s Resolutions is a task that’s tough for most people and the onset of the current pandemic makes it even tougher. How do you plan for anything after all when you’re living in such unprecedented times?

You keep your chin up and you do it anyway. That’s what you do.

Many a time, the issue with New Year’s Resolutions lies not in the resolutions themselves but in the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve such grand ideals practically overnight. It’s fairly easy to get sucked into the media-populated notion that every new year you essentially need to overhaul your life and replace it with a shinier, newer version.

Almost like an phone update…only that you’re not an phone, you’re a person.

1. Your resolutions are not tailored to you as an individual

We often tend to subscribe to ideals dictated by society or our immediate environment without properly exploring our own wants and desires.

As you set your resolutions make it a habit to ask yourself “Why”. Why do you want to achieve this particular thing and “How” exactly do you want to achieve it.

Reflecting in this way gives you room to come up with goals and resolutions that are unique to you and are more likely to give you the success you desire

Image by Chantelle Taylor

2. You're running a sprint not a marathon

Rome wasn’t built in a night. While it might seem exciting to fill up your lists with goals and projects you immediately want to take on, what this leads to is overwhelm. 

Consistency isn’t borne of big strides but rather the small, slow changes we make everyday. So give yourself some wiggle room and take those resolutions in bite-sized chunks. 

Image by Dulcey Lima 

3. You're overthinking and over-planning

On the other hand, if you find that most of your time is spent in deep analysis of your goals and resolutions then you might be stalling starting your journey as a result of anxiety.

The solution to this hidden procrastination is once again to take things a step at a time. 

Slow and steady wins the race.

Image by Tachina Lee

4. Doubtful Debby

Doubt is the natural enemy of ambition. We are often our own biggest critiques. What might be keeping you from setting and committing to those beautiful resolutions might be an inner voice whispering to you that you can’t do it.

Affirm yourself and challenge that voice by proclaiming you can today. You can achieve anything you want with the right blend of confidence, discipline and resources.

Image by PhillyVoice Illustration

5. You're not tracking your progress

Whether you’re working on your health, fitness, meeting financial or career goals, trying to drink more water or even revive your skin, tracking and celebrating the little wins you make along the way is incredibly important.

Acknowledging the progress you’re making as you go instead of waiting for one big win fuels you on your journey towards a better you. It also keeps you mindful, present and appreciative of the process.

Image by Kyle Glenn

One of my general resolutions for the year is to be more consistent, because let’s face it there’s only so much you can achieve without consistency.

What are some resolutions you have for 2021? Reply below and let’s support each other and keep track of them together here and on Instagram.

Have a fantastic 2021!




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