An Ajani quarantine hair regimen


You may have seen your favorite natural hair YouTube or Instagram guru talk about using this quarantine period to take care of your hair. Some are even challenging themselves to have healthy flourishing hair by the time Outside is open. However, with #stayhome still trending, you may be having a hard time taking care of your hair before you’re finally able to make it to the hairdresser. Us too girl, us too.

So we’ve come up with a hair care regimen that will hold you down until you have your next appointment: simple, sustainable, and using just two Ajani styling products.

Shampoo: Wash your hair once a week (or every two weeks since we’re not going anywhere). You may deep condition and/or do a treatment twice a month depending on your hair’s moisture needs.

Let the hair air-dry to about 80% (damp, not dripping) or pat it using a microfiber towel or a t-shirt.

Styling: Working on one section at a time, massage the Kijani peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil into your scalp using the balls of your fingers. Take time with the scalp massage as this promotes circulation to the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. These oils help in treating itchy and flaky scalps, reducing dandruff. To top it off, this elixir will leave your scalp feeling cool and fresh!

Once your scalp is taken care of, apply the Waridi rose hydrating butter starting from the ends of your hair, all the way up the shaft end to the roots. We love the moisturizing effect of this butter. When applied, it hydrates the hair and immediately seals in the moisture. Style your hair in twists, three-strand braids or however you like it. 

For a bomb braid out or twist out, undo the style after your hair is completely dry. The Waridi butter is great for setting styles thus giving amazing curl definition that lasts all through the week. Your hair will be soft to the touch, moisturized, shiny, and smelling like a rose garden.

In between your washes use the Waridi rose butter to refresh your style or moisturize the ends of the hair that are exposed. Remember, over manipulating hair increases breakage and prevents length retention.

Pro tip- The Waridi Rose hydrating butter can also be used on your skin. So don’t hesitate to moisturize your hands with it after you’re done styling your hair. 

For more reading, here’s an article on natural hair growth tips we found very informative. You’ll find a wealth of information on how to retain length as well as hair tutorials you can try out on your free time. Now you can look forward to showing the world your flourishing mane at the end of this quarantine season.

AJANI Product unboxing by Joy Kendi

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