These are six ‘rules’ that I religiously follow. In short, you’d have to shave me first before I break either of them.  Just kidding, just kidding…keep your shears away.

  1. Keep it simple

This is the most important rule for me. I never have a routine that is complex for me. My hair routines are always easy for me to follow.

Simple is relative though. What is simple to you may be complex and tedious to another.

If you can only handle shampoo and conditioning your hair once every two weeks, that’s okay. Start from there and build up your hair regimen when you find the time and have the dedication to.

  1. Be consistent

By keeping your hair routine simple, you are more likely to be consistent. This way, you can reap benefits from your regimen.

  1. Create what works for you

Refrain from copying an entire regimen from one You Tuber or blogger just because they are your hair crush. Copy + Paste is not always the best idea.

A better approach would be to pick different things that will benefit you and your hair. Kind of a mix and match situation.

  1. Research

Speaking of You Tubers and bloggers, always research whatever you come across from us especially when it comes to product reviews.

Most of us just share our experiences and hope it helps someone out here. (At least that’s what I do)

Most of us are not are not trichologists or chemists or any other certified hair expert to be dishing out advice.

In addition, some creators do not have your best interests at heart. They push products which they would never touch and even worse which have the most questionable ingredients.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

  1. Understand your hair type.

I follow a lot of 4C you tubers. Why? This helped me see what people with my hair type do with their hair.

It was surprising helpful in helping me set my hair goals and in loving my hair as it is.

Let me explain some more. My hair is not the ‘flowy, go-with-the-wind’ kind but the bush/wool kind. Therefore to achieve certain styles like a sleek bun I need help from Mr. Gel.

Another thing I realized was that shrinkage is real this side of 4C. This in no way means that 4C hair cannot grow or is not long.

You also learn the different things you can use that will actually work on your hair. A hair diffuser works wonders for type 3 hair but is garbage on mine.

The little things like this help make your hair journey so much easier.

  1. Be patient

This one is easy to forget especially for length chasers.  Patience is key. It has helped me not give up whenever I feel discouraged.

Stop trying to fit a 6-year journey into 1 year. Rome was not built in one day.

I will end by saying this: The way you handle your hair is more important than the products you put on it.

AJANI Product unboxing by Joy Kendi

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