Limau Body Scrub Review

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

Experts recommend using a body scrub two or three times a week. That’s a whole lot more than I do so I clearly need to step up my scrub game.

You’re probably wondering why anyone needs to scrub their skin that often?

Well, getting rid of dead skin is vital for your skin to be soft and generally cleaner.

There’s nothing worse than dead skin blocking your pores from breathing and getting you that soft, smooth and glowing skin that you deserve. For best results with body scrubs, rub the scrub onto your skin gently in circular motions (not back and forth).

I bought my jar of the Limau Nazi body scrub from the hairitage event but you can easily order it online from the Ajani website. They’ve got other products like a whipped butter and an oil elixir mix – heavenly! Plus they had an end of 2016 discount deal for Natrella members so do join if you haven’t done so already?

limau-scrubI’ve used the Limau scrub for about three weeks now and I like it.
It’s very gritty so I really feel the effects of the scrub on my skin. I used it on my body, not my face or lips. I think its too course for that. On the filp side though, it being that gritty makes it excellent for feet too.

It has a refreshing citrus-lemon scent which is nice and not too powerful.

I use it on my dry skin before showering. I would recommend using it in the shower or bath while still dry. The scrub’s sugar particles tend to get everywhere when you’re using it. It does leave an oil layer on your skin but this easily washes off with your shower gel or soap.

I took a shower then moisturized my skin with my natural homemade body lotion (it’s got aloe vera and coconut oil – I’ll share more details on it in a separate post). It’s really important to moisturize immediately after using a body scrub. Use products that have strong hydrating properties for your skin type. Personally, coconut oil does it for me.

After about a week though I wanted something a bit creamier. I noticed that the scrub seemed to have slightly dried up. I melted some coconut oil and added about 2 tablespoons to the scrub, spread it through the jar and voila, it had a lot more slip. That’s one of the great things about handmade natural products. There’s a high chance that you have similar ingredients at home so you can always spice them up yourself at home or add your own natural ingredients.

I love the transparency when it comes to the ingredients. All the ingredients in this scrub are clearly displayed on the label and they’re all 100% natural.

My skin is definitely smoother thanks to using this scrub regularly.

I would love to try out the Nazi Waridi (Rose) Body Scrub. Given how much I love the smell of roses, I’m pretty sure it would be great. If you’re feeling generous enough to spoil me with one, please go ahead ?

I met Sharon a year and a half ago and she’s incredibly passionate about natural skin and hair care. Hence why she started Ajani Handmade. We’ve partnered to spread this love to more people who love natural products, in particular, members of Natrella.

If you’re a natural product or DIY lover too and enjoy trying these kinds of products and natural mixes at home, I encourage you to join Natrella ? There’s so much we can learn from each other!

If you haven’t joined us yet, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.



AJANI Product unboxing by Joy Kendi

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