Product Review- Waridi Whipped Butter


A quick review of the AJANI Handmade Waridi Whipped Butter by Carol:

“The delivery of this product to my house was exemplary. The packaging was simply amazing. And it came with a free ‘bag’ and a pamphlet explaining Ajani’s products and how to use the butter.

In terms of use, my hair LOVES this stuff! I DCed, then put in leave-in conditioner and did twists with the butter. When I unravelled them the next morning, they were defined and my hair felt oh so soft and moisturized! And the good thing, my hair felt moisturized all day. I’m definitely hooked! I’m not a PJ (Product Junkie) so when I find something that works for my hair, I’m on it. And Ajani is it!”


Thank you Carol, we appreciate it and are more than glad you liked the product and service!

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