DIY Kitchen Cabinet Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Hair

Another quick DIY for the days when you are absolutely stranded and your hair needs an immediate deep condition, or for the curiosity of trying out a home-made conditioning recipe. This recipe is suited for all hair types, but is specifically beneficial to protein sensitive hair. Protein sensitive hair is basically hair that when exposed to high amounts of protein or protein containing products, leads to very dry, brittle hair that feels much like straw. There is a debate as to whether protein sensitivity is a myth, I beg to differ. I discovered this when I ran out of my regular butters and oils and only had coconut oil to use. I did a  a pre-poo (saturating your hair in oil or conditioner, or  a mix of both, prior to washing) with only raw coconut oil, and also styled  my hair with only raw coconut oil .My hair was so dry and brittle despite the fact that I deep conditioned it in between pre-pooing and styling. I did my research realized that using that much protein was not good for my hair . I also learnt that all hair can benefit from protein, it is the amount of protein used that determines the best benefits for different heads of hair. So this recipe still has protein containing ingredients, they are just regulated to cater to hair that might be sensitive to over exposure to protein.


1 or 2 large bananas (depending on hair length and density as well as preference of consistency)

1 small egg (optional)

2 large tablespoons of honey

4 large table spoons of olive oil

Half a can to 1 full can of coconut milk (depending on hair length and density)


BANANAS are high in potassium and vitamins A, C and E. they are a great option for adding elasticity to hair, so this mask may be used after straightening your hair, if you are looking to revert your curls/kinks and give your hair some body.

EGGS are packed with protein, fatty acids and vitamin A, D and E. and are known for being a great protein booster for hair, adding shine and overall moisture .

HONEY is a natural humectant ,its sticky consistency helps to hydrate and trap moisture in hair and skin. You may opt to substitute the honey for glycerin, which is also a humectant.

OLIVE OIL  is great for skin and hair and is one of my favourite oils for my hair, scalp and skin. It is a great moisturizer, softener, and is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants. Olive oil is one of few oils that has polymers small enough to penetrate the hair shaft; coconut oil has the smallest polymers of all and can penetrate the hair shaft much more that olive oil. However coconut oil has high protein compounds and therefore  must be used in moderation for protein sensitive hair.

COCONUT MILK is packed with antioxidants, and fats and it is also loaded with protein and oils, and from my experience, is somewhat much gentler on my protein sensitive hair than directly using coconut oil on its own.

You may vary the measurements of the recipe  to keep the consistency of the mix to your liking. Mine was quite runny, so for those who prefer a thicker consistency, I suggest using  half of the beaten egg or adding an additional banana to thicken the consistency.

WARNING: The smell of raw egg may be a little overpowering so you may opt to leave it out altogether.


1. Blend the banana with a hand mixer or a blender until it breaks down to a fine paste. Strain the banana in a bowl to get rid of all the banana residue from getting stuck in your hair (this is not fun to get rid of so this step is an absolute must!

2. Beat the egg and add this to your banana mixture.

3. Add in the honey, olive oil and milk/ coconut milk and blend all the ingredients together.

4. Immediately saturate your hair with this mix as you would your regular deep conditioner. I always have my hair in sectioned twists.

4. Cover with a shower cap , a plastic bag (to avoid the mix from running down your neck/face) and a towel. The towel should absorb any excess running down your head from the shower cap and trap the heat from your head and replicate steaming under the dryer. Sit with this for 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

5. Rinse your hair with cold water. It is important to use cold to lukewarm water, remember you have raw egg in your hair! You do not want to expose any direct heat to it.

6.You should be left with naturally conditioned, moisturized soft hair. You can go ahead and proceed with your regular styling options.


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