Ajani Handmade Sampling Tea Party


At the start of my journey in entrepreneurship, I knew that my market base would be people just like me. African women, natural hair who get most if not all their information about hair care from the internet. As I could not afford large scale market research, I decided to get together a few like minds who would try and test my products and give me some honest feedback. It was important for me not to use just my family and friends, God bless them they were, and still are so supportive, but I had to use complete strangers for the sake of honesty and a completely different point of view. So I hounded down some natural hair bloggers and enthusiasts and coaxed them into conversation over some tea and treats!


Some of the admins of the Kurlly Diaries, a Nairobi natural hair support group





Part of the table setting. I love DIY and fortunately the restaurant gave me freedom to add a touch of my own decor to the table setting. Recylced glass jars and a few mason jars with DIY water candles and some lavender and white fillers.

10349020_300280830139708_1129415542286749045_n (1)




A few of the products displayed around the room. We had access to a patio and it was a well spent afternoon. Thank you for coming through for me ladies! You are all appreciated.

– Sharon Njavika

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