Kurlfriends and Kocktails

A Nairobi natural hair meet up;  The Kurlly Diaries celebrated their first year anniversary! The Kurlly Diaries is a group that was created for the sole purpose of women supporting women. Nairobi has been going through a change in terms of the way women in this city have been choosing to style their hair. Yes, it is happening on that grand a scale. Women are choosing to let go of relaxers and straighteners and choosing to wear their hair in its natural textured state. As liberating and empowering as this decision can be, it is not an easy one. 

For most of these women, a good portion of their lives up to the point that they make this decision, has been spent wearing their hair a certain way. To have to deal with their hair in a texture that they have not been accustomed to working with, caring for, looking after can be quite a challenge. The biggest hurdle they have to overcome is the initial shock of looking a certain way. Aside from this, they face all sorts of reactions and comments by their spouses, families, peers and the society in general that may at times trump their confidence. After all, they are presenting a completely new representations of themselves to the world. The decision to change, or rather stop changing their hair entirely is one they made individually, the society in general, often still has the hang ups they used to have about African hair. Fortunately, this is changing. because of just how many women choosing to wear their hair in its natural state, there are more positive conversations around natural textured African hair.

Realising that some women have few or no support systems to help them carry through the initial stages of their decision to wear their hair naturally, four friends, who had gone through similar experiences decided to start a facebook group where they, and other women taking the natural route to hair could encourage each other and share information. From this, grew a group grounded in sisterhood, positivity and friendship where life experiences beyond hair are shared. One year down the line, with a following of 1500 members, the Kurlly Diaries celebrated themselves in a meet up.

All those who attended had a chance to introduce themselves, there were hair and make-up tutorials, talks on health and beauty, products on sale, music, dancing and cake.

The group administrators used the opportunity to give all the business owners in the group a chance to vend their goods and products.

10570507_10152533899060804_2174294407820071394_n Jars

All images above courtesy of Sienna of threadmuse blog.

There was such a great energy, lovely ladies, beautiful hair and good food, a well spent evening. A few good people stopped by the AJANI Handmade stand:


Sienna, of threadmuse blog


And Anita of “From Curves with Love”

-Sharon Njavika

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